Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why should you try BetMeADate?

There are tons of different reasons to try BetMeADate, but we know that self-incentivization, motivation, and acceleration programs work. BetMeADate is an online date betting game that works because betting on yourself significantly increases your likelihood of you successfully meeting your dating goals. You are also dis-incentivized to lose your money (e.g. people don’t like losing money, so we play hard!) We’ve also got an incredibly supportive community, specific micro-goals or SMART (specific measurable attainable reasonable and time-sensitive) goals, and the chance to WIN EXTRA CA$H, and it’s pretty hard not to get a date while playing in a game if you’re really invested.
BetMeADate is based on scientific principles of behavioral change, like behavioral economics and basic psychology. So, try BetMeADate because you want some EXTRA CA$H to buy something new for yourself, because it’s full of an incredible community of people just waiting to support you, or because it’s just super fun. We’re so excited to have you join our community. Dating is hard- we’ve got you and  you’ve got this!


2. How do you verify that you’ve met your dating goals?

We have you answer a series of questions regarding your dating goals, based on the dating goal you have selected, as well as screen shots or even videos, when appropriate.
Our team at BetMeADate will individually reviews dating goal evidence submission. If anything seems off or required questions are left unanswered, the dating goal selected is rejected and the player is prompted to re-submit.


3. Wouldn’t it be easy to cheat?

We take the possibility of cheating very seriously, and have a comprehensive and very structured process in place to prevent it. Our team members have created BetMeADate goals themselves and will look out for red flags an automated system would miss.
We also have automated algorithms that detect when unusual patterns occur in a player’s account. Players with flagged accounts must submit additional evidence until the flag is lifted. For any game with bets topping $100, video testimonials are required for all players, providing evidence of having met their dating goals.
We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to cheating. If anyone is caught misrepresenting their dating experiences, they will be ejected from the site without a refund and banned from playing in future games.
Ultimately, we’ve found that almost all of the players who join BetMeADate are here to motivate, meet and beat their dating goals. They really want to find someone to date and they know that cheating the system is just cheating themselves. We are vigilant about preventing cheating, for accountability and to ensure fairness.


4. What is a video of dating evidence, and how do you complete one?

If your account has been flagged for unusual activity or if you are playing in a high-stakes game, you will be required to submit a video to submit evidence of having met your dating goal.
Completing a video providing evidence of having met your dating goal is very similar to completing written or screen shot evidence of meeting your dating goal. Your video should begin with shot of you facing the camera with your face clearly visible, and you will be asked to answer the questions required as evidence of having met your dating goal aloud. 

5. How do I play?
If you’re looking to meet your dating goals, you will need to first select a game and decide on your dating goal. Games are each 30 days long and players bet on themselves to meet their chosen, specific dating goal. Each person in the game may select a different dating goal. For example, one person may choose to message five people through their dating app, another person may select going on a sober date, and someone else might ask a friend to set them up on a date. There are various games to choose from with different bet amounts, pot sizes, number of players, and overall vibe.

6. Can I play in more than one game at once?

At present, you can only play in one game at a time.


7. Can I submit one set of answers for multiple games if I play that game a few times in a row?

No. To keep things honest, you will need to provide somewhat tailored responses to evidence of having met your dating goals as each 30-day period is different.

8. Are these dating competitions? Won’t people want others to lose?

BetMeADate community members are in dating competitions against themselves, not each other. Everyone is working toward the same general goal of finding more fulfillment in their dating life and knows challenges and rewards of dating. These factors help to create a community of support and encouragement where players feel safe and form real, lasting connections. Players often say that the motivation they get from their fellow BetMeADaters is the most powerful incentive.

9. What am I supposed to do in the Member Forum?

The Member Forum is the place you’ll find the support, encouragement, and motivation we mentioned above. It’s where you can post to ask for support when you need it, share positive feedback with others, and build community.
We recommend visiting the Member Forum often to stay connectedand reap all the benefits of the amazing BetMeADate community. One of the beauties of online dating games is that you can choose exactly how much you want to contribute—post as frequently as you like, or get motivated by simply reading what others share. You can also put yourself out there or put ask a question/get feedback as an unidentified user.

10. Are my name or dating goals made public?

Nope. All of your personal information and dating goals are kept private and we will never share them for any reason. Other players will only see your dating goals if you have shared this on a personal challenge you have created. Otherwise, it will be visible only to you.

11. I live in a different country. Can I still play?

We’d love for you to join us! BetMeADate players are spread all over the world, and you don’t need to do anything different to join. If you live outside the United States, we’ll automatically convert your payment into U.S. dollars and you’ll be charged the equivalent amount in your country’s currency.
If you are owed monies in return, we will deposit the equivalent dollar amount into your BetMeADate account.


12. How do players get disqualified?

In order to keep our games safe and fun places for everyone, players can be disqualified for violating certain policies. Disqualifying actions include:

Unsportsmanlike behavior like harassing or embarrassing other players.

Intentionally misrepresenting your dating or playing games in bad faith.

Failing to submit all required evidence of having met your dating goal.

Posting ANYTHING, including links/invitations to other websites, anything that is unlawful, obscene, sexually explicit/pornographic, pedophilic, obscene, libelous, violent, fraudulent, displays nudity, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, or hateful

Impersonating another person, living or dead.

Players who are disqualified will not receive a refund of their bet.


13. Why are there no free games?

There are no free games because we want BetMeADate to be as effective a tool as possible for meeting your dating goals. There is research that financial incentives can serve as a motivational tool for behavior change including having some money on the line. Winning money isn’t enough to motivate people to make real change: it’s the idea of losing money that will push you to really meet your dating goals(this is called loss aversion). With bet amounts starting at $25, we try to fit every player’s budget.


14. How much money will I win?

Your profit in any game you win depends on the size of the pot and how many fellow winners there are. Games with large pots and a lower win rate can have very high payouts, while payouts will be less for games with small pots and many winners. 


15. How do I get my winnings?

Getting your winnings is as easy as submitting your evidence of having met your dating goals and waiting for confirmation that your dating goals have been met by BetMeADate.
If you require a paper check, we charge $5 to cover the cost of writing and mailing the check within the United States regardless of the payout amount. Your payout will become available within 48 hours of being requested.


16. Can I get a refund if I drop out of a game partway through?

You can cancel up until 3 days from the game start date and receive a full refund.
Exceptions may be made if a player needs to drop out for emergency medical reasons after the refund window has ended. Documentation by a licensed medical provider on practice letterhead must be provided to BetMeADate for verification purposes.
We cannot refund players after a game has ended.

17. How much of the pot does BetMeADate take? Why do you need to take anything?

We want to reward our players with as much money as possible for accomplishing meeting their dating goals. Our fee is used to pay for transaction costs, our team, and other company expenses as well as a donation for each bet made to the Union of Concerned Scientists a non-profit  organization fighting climate change and for the future of our world.
BetMeADate’s fee is 25% of the total pot. Because this is taken out of the gross pot before payout out the winners, players who do not win don’t incur any fees. Those who have provided sufficient evidence of having met their dating goals can often make some money back. It’s a win-win! You can get a date and get some money for that date!


18. How do I create my own game?

If you’d like to create your own dating challenge with friends and family, email us at to get started. You will need to provide us with the names and emails of those you’d like to invite to join you in a dating challenge. It is up to others to join you. Challenges are required to have at least 2 players.


19. What stops people who have never had to dating difficulties from joining and just getting paid to date the ways they’ve always dated?

We’re sensitive to the fact that dating can be more difficult for some individuals than others. However, some people who have had little difficulty dating in the past prior to being sober, but are now attempting to date while living a sober life. Alternately, someone who is currently in a relationship and is looking to date openly and with the consent of all partners involved, is welcome to join as well. You may be facing different types of dating challenges than other people but most players are here because they want to motivate and accelerate their dating.


20. What does BetMeADate Membership give me?

As a BetMeADate Member, you get access to features that help make your game more exciting and boost your odds of success. This includes:

  • Weekly email reminders

  • The chance to win exciting prizes when you submit your dating progress evidence

  • User forum to help you connect with other users

  • Articles and videos on reaching and improving your dating goals

  • The opportunity to book and appointment with our Doctors of Dating- Relationship Coaches


21. How do I submit evidence of meeting my dating goals?

You can submit evidence of your dating goal from clicking on your weekly email that will lead you to a page based on your specific dating goal where you can enter require evidence for your selected date bet goal. If you have already completed inputting evidence of having met your dating goal, your progress will be confirmed prior to the end of the game. However, you will be unable to receive your money until after the game has ended and all players have had the opportunity to complete the game. The deadline to submit your evidence of having met your dating goal is at 11:59 PM, PST, the 30th day of your bet NOT the end of the calendar month if that month is longer or shorter than 30 days.

22. Can my Membership get revoked?

Player safety and keeping our games fair are both very important to us. For that reason, there are a few reasons why bets could be revoked.

23. How do I decide which goal to choose? 

It depends on what trips you up or serves as an obstacles for you in dating- if you have a tough time messaging someone through your dating app, try that. If instead, you have a more difficult time speaking to people in person, perhaps asking someone for their phone number or asking them to dance might better suit your needs. Do you need to slow down or perhaps pivot your dating game if you’re someone who has jumped into a relationship too quickly? Try getting feedback from friends or not getting sexual with someone for 30 days. If you’ve had difficulty committing, perhaps introducing someone to your friends or family or taking them out on a second date would work better.


24. Can I choose a dating goal for multiple 30-day periods in a row?

Sure. You can try a goal out as many times as you need to.


25. But why should I spend the money? 

Are you getting out there and meeting your dating goals without our help? No? Try this and see how you do. For less than the price of a first date, you can get yourself a first date. Try it- it’s dating self-incentivization. Plus, you might even WIN SOME CA$H back since we divide up what’s left in the dating pool at the end of the game to the winners.



26. How can I encourage a family member/friend to bet on themselves? 

Fill out the contact form on the bottom of the home page including your name, your email, your friend/family member’s name and their email and we’ll nudge them to setup a bet on themselves.


Prohibited Actions

If a Member or player is caught cheating or engaging in any of the prohibited actions laid out in the game rules, their Membership will be immediately revoked with no refund. Moreover, dating should be fun and done with consent of everyone involved always.