Welcome to Dating Incentivization Made Easy

Welcome to Get Me a Date! We're trying to help you make putting yourself out there and finding someone to date a little easier. Here's how it works: Decide how much you want to bet on yourself to meet your dating goals each month and pay this money along with the $15.99 non-refundable sign up fee.

Next, decide on your dating goal for that month and let us know what it is. Do you want to message 5 people on a dating site? Ask someone out? Strike up a conversation with someone you're interested in? Actually go out on a date?

Once per month, log onto your account and send us evidence of meeting your dating goal but sending us screen shots, photos, or a detailed description of meeting your goals. If you have met your goals, you get the money you bet on yourself back. If you don't, we get to keep your money. It's that simple!

Check out our blog, Dating Support, for tips on meeting your dating goal from experts and people who have had dating success.

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